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Fundraiser Milestones Progress

2021 Milestones


Completed during Fundraiser Stream

  • Crack open the first caffeine of the day (Full team)


  • 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, and run 1 mile in the morning and evening daily. For 1 month. (Kevin)


  • Eat a salad for dinner 5 days a week. For 1 month. (Sean, Bobby)
Sean Salad Proof
Bobby Salad Proof


  • Myke will shave his head, and share photos!


  • RingFit streams(only Sean will stream) will resume, once a week, rotating morning and evening with challenges. (Sean, Shelby, Brandi)
Shelby's Proof


  • Give up desserts for 3 months. (Sean)
  • Sing a Pirate Sea Shanty. (Full team)


  • Once a week for 3 months, a live stream from a hiking trail of Sean(only Sean for the live stream), or an Instagram posted shared on Discord. (Sean, Shelby, Brandi)
Brandi Hike Proof
Shelby Hike Proof
Sean Hike Proof


  • Once a week, a Twitch viewer gets to decide the time(can not be during an already scheduled time for Sean) of a stream, and what game Sean will be playing. (Sean)
  • Woodrow will live stream a bike ride. (Woodrow)
  • For 6 months, Tim will grow out his hair. (Tim, Sean)
Tim's Hair Growth


  • The Kevins will host a weekly podcast known as the “Bearded Kevin Podcast”, interviewing a team member from SAF, or a member of the discord on a topic of their choice for 3 months. (Kev, Kevin)

2020 Milestones


  • The following milestones from 2020 remain incomplete due to COVID-19 restrictions:
Michael and Nate will train up and do a 20 mile walk, track with AllTrails and live Tweet the experience.
Brandi, Sean, Shelby, Tyler and maybe more will jump into the very cold lake in March live on stream.
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