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Sharkims & Friends Foundation™ is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for living beings by teaching, guiding, and supporting impactful online fundraising and hosting our own philanthropic events to uplift our community members of all species.

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Education Efforts

Community Outreach

Fundraiser Results, Donation Matching, and Giveaways

Well look what you all managed to do. We’ve already reached our $8,000 goal for our first 2022 fundraiser! A big thank you to everyone who donated and shared details about the fundraiser. Every little bit has helped us get…

Preparation For A 24 Hour Game Marathon

How do you prepare for a 24 hour game-a-thon? Well, here’s a sneak peek into all of the hard work our team goes through for each and every fundraiser:

Fundraiser Tomorrow and More News

The 24 hour countdown has begun for another Sharkims & Friends Foundation 24 hour fundraiser! Tomorrow, Feb 19th at 10 am, we’ll be kicking everything off with a game you might have heard of – Minecraft. As usual, you can…

Discord Giveaways

Just a reminder to check out the Sharkims & Friends Foundation Discord channel for free giveaways! We’ve had several going on for the past week, so I don’t miss out on your chance for some free stuff! Because who doesn’t…

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