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Sharkims & Friends Foundation

First PC Giveaway and Fundraiser Schedule

The specs for the first build a PC giveaway are now available! You can find more details about the PC and how to enter the giveaway here –

The next fundraiser is this Saturday, less than a week away! Our goal is $24,000 for the year, and we’re already well over $16,000. Here is all the relevant info again:


When: August 13th @ 10am PST, for 24 hours

More Info:

And here’s the schedule for those 24 hours:

10:00 AMCore Keeper
2:00 PMHalo Infinite
4:00 PMPummel Party
6:00 PMGolf With Your Friends
7:00 PMCore Keeper
11:00 PMGang Beasts
12:30 AMCore Keeper
2:00 AMPummel Party
4:00 AMHalo Infinite
6:00 AMCore Keeper
8:00 AMGolf With Your Friends
10:00 AMThe End

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